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Delivery method

We have the following modes of transportation:

1. Shipping by express (DHL or Fedex)

We will choose this mode of transportation for general samples or goods with a weight less than 20kg.

2. Sea DDP or train DDP

In this way, the forwarder company will send the goods to door after finished customs clearance, the transportation time is generally about 1-2 months. Customers in Europe and the USA can choose this way when their goods weight exceed 20kg.

3. Sea shipping

If the goods you want to order are heavy, you can go by sea, which is cheap.

4. Ship by cargo agent

There are many cargo agent in Southeast Asia and African countries that can help customers import goods from China and complete customs clearance, which is fast and cheap, so customers in these countries can choose this way.

China Fragrance export

China Fragrance export

China Fragrance export



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