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Common food ingredients in production

Common food ingredients in production

Food additives ingredients are synthetic or natural substances added to food in order to improve the quality of food, such as color, aroma and taste, as well as for the needs of preservative and processing technology.

Commonly used include flavors, antioxidants, colorants, nutritional reinforcers, preservatives, sweeteners, etc.


Food Flavours

Food flavor is a mixture that can give food flavor, which is usually divided into liquid flavor and powder flavor.


Beverage Flavours

Used as a beverage flavor, usually with a variety of fruit aroma as the main variety, but also some tea, milk and flower flavour.


Food Sugar substitute

Sweeteners can sweeten food, usually referring to Sugar substitute, the dosage is usually very small.


Food natural pigment

Food pigments can give food rich colors, and natural food pigments are safe for the human body.


Food grade antioxidants

Food antioxidants are a kind of chemical substances, which can delay the storage time of food. Only use very small quantity in food, but very important.


Food Nutritional supplement

Food nutritional supplements can add certain nutrients to food, such as vitamin C add into beverages.


Food biological preservative

Biological preservatives are substances separated from organisms and can inhibit the growth of microorganisms.



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