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Preparation method and process of incense machine aromatherapy oil

Fire-free aromatherapy is a substance which uses aromatherapy products, adopts the principle of temperature heating and volatilization or through the carrier of water fog to spread the aromatherapy solvent into the air to achieve the effect of air diffuse fragrance, deodorization and purification.

Common incense products include but not limited to rattan, incense lamp, incense stove, incense machine, humidifier, sprayer, incense stone, incense wood, incense paper, incense fiber and so on. Aromatherapy solvent is composed of spices (essential oil / essence), volatile solvent and solubilizing solvent, which can be divided into two categories: water-based aromatherapy liquid and oily aromatherapy oil.

Aromatherapy oil belongs to oily volatile aromatherapy liquid, the raw materials are mainly oily spices, dpm, dpg, etc., focusing on the effect of aroma expansion, suitable for most of the aroma expansion products in the market. Aromatherapy liquid belongs to water-based volatile aromatherapy liquid, the raw materials are mainly water-based spices, alcohol, water, Solubilizer, etc., focusing on the function of removing odor and sterilization, only suitable for water-added incense expansion products, such as humidifier, sprayer and so on.

For ordinary users, fragrance distribution is the primary need, which is long and durable, taking into account the function of removing and decomposing odor rather than simple odor cover, and can also be applied to a variety of aromatherapy products; at present, the common aromatherapy solvents in the market have been difficult to meet their multi-functional requirements.

For manufacturers, aromatherapy solvents with the same taste or function under the traditional technology mode need to use two completely different formulations, raw materials and production processes just because of the difference between water and oil. If we also correspond to a variety of incense expansion products to achieve a good actual use effect, the problems of waste of raw materials, tedious production and low efficiency are particularly prominent.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop a kind of aromatherapy oil in the market, which can not only meet the single or multiple needs of users for incense expansion, deodorization and anti-mosquito functions, but also meet the practical needs of manufacturers for multi-purpose and simple production. This is one of the technical problems that need to be solved urgently, among which the safety, compatibility and effectiveness of volatile solvents of aromatherapy oil are particularly important.

Based on this, the invention designs a fragrant oil for expanding incense and removing odor and a preparation method thereof. Improve the fragrance distribution effect, prolong the use time, really remove the smell rather than the smell cover up, achieve a good balance of incense expansion, odor removal and environmental protection, and apply to a variety of incense expansion products; at the same time, taking into account the versatility of water and oil of the formula and raw materials, it is convenient for mass production, saving efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

Step 1: mix acetone glycerol (67%), mmb solvent (30%) and ethylene glycol diacetate (3%), stir well to get the base solvent.

Step 2: mix the essence (90%), persimmon tannin extract (5%) and Fendor essential oil (5%), add to the basic solvent in the first step, stir to the transparent liquid state, filter.

The third step: in a dry and cool environment, the aromatherapy oil is obtained by sealing and aging for 24-72 hours.



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