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What is the hookah material

Some people call it different (tobacco paste, tobacco material. Wait) there are many ways to call it! But they're all talking about the same thing! The shopkeeper likes to order smoke.


So what is its main ingredient? The most important thing is to choose a kind of all-natural tobacco mixed with local tobacco and honey. So it's wet!

How to judge whether the hookah is good or bad?

The smoke material is good or bad. I think it is divided into three points. Taste (everyone's taste is different) 2. Sustained force (duration of pumping) 3. Smoke size (mainly due to operational problems).

How to choose Arab hookah material?

Hookah materials are divided into many countries and brands: the United States, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Dubai, India. Wait, the country.

There are also many brands, such as AL FAKHER, mazaya, vega, 7night, ADALYA, Aqua Mentha, Fumari, STARBUZZ.. Wait, wait, wait. (now the brand is really too many shopkeepers' hands are sore, you can contact the shopkeeper if you need to know! (there are many flavors under each brand! Like mint, peaches, lemons. Wait for the taste! But to know that all the things imported vary from person to person, so if you choose the taste, try to choose which fruit you like to eat! As for the choice of tobacco brands, you still need to try one by one, because in some countries, tobacco materials are lighter, some taste a little heavier, and some have strong persistence. Wait! Brands vary from country to country!

Each brand opens the smoke material color sometimes will be different! There are red, yellow, black, green (the most common is red and yellow) do not panic! (red and green is coloured by adding pigment to form yellow is the natural color of smoke is generally made in Europe and the United States, most of the local laws stipulate that the natural color of black can only be black, and the Russian material is mostly fermented on the basis of yellow material.) after reading, I believe you will know why the material is cheap and expensive, the raw materials and processes are different



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