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Beverage drink ice cream baking Popcorn snacks food flavour price (updated 2024.1.15)

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We can replicate any fragrance with just a 3ml sample, and the replication process will be completed within three days. If you would like to copy any fragrance, please feel free to send us a sample and specify your desired perfume price. We will try our best to formulate a recipe that meets your price requirements, ensuring 90%-95% similarity. After the sample has been copied, the minimum order quantity is 5kg.

Welcome to our food flavor introduction! We are excited to offer a wide variety of high-quality food flavors designed for use in food manufacturing and beverage production. Our flavors are carefully crafted using the latest technology and highest quality ingredients, ensuring that they deliver exceptional taste and aroma to your products.

We understand the importance of consistency and reliability in the food manufacturing industry, which is why our flavors are rigorously tested and monitored to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. Our goal is to provide you with flavor solutions that not only taste great, but also help you achieve your business objectives.

Thank you for considering our food flavors for your product development needs. We look forward to partnering with you to create delicious, memorable experiences for your customers.

Food flavour price (5kg)

Below price are for beverage, for bakery flavour high temperature resistance add 3usd-5usd per kg.

We have more than 5000 different models of flavour,  the following list is only the more commonly used models. For the price of the specific model  please refer to the model of the sample you received. The more quantity you want to order the more favorable price we will give. 

1FSG-380Pineapple flavourBeverage (L)$98.00
2FSG-057Pineapple flavourBeverage (L)$110.00
3FSG-358Pineapple flavourBeverage (L)$117.00
4FSG-2452Milk flavourBeverage (P)$98.00
5FRA064Strawberry flavourBeverage (L)$147.00
6FSG-390Strawberry flavourBeverage (L)$100.00
7FSG-3119Strawberry flavourBeverage (P)$78.00
8FSG-324Litchi flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
9FSG-067Vanilla flavourBeverage (L)$130.00
10FSG-2878Vanilla flavourBeverage (P)$95.00
11FSG-1782Vanilla flavourBeverage (P)$110.00
12FSG-1236Chocolate flavourBaking (L)$110.00
13FSG-2744Chocolate flavourBeverage (P)$118.00
14FSG-2743Chocolate flavourBeverage (P)$95.00
15FSG-9001##Chedar cheese flavourBeverage (P)$95.00
16FSG-1153Glutinous flavourBeverage (P)$120.00
17FSG-795Walnut flavourBeverage (P)$115.00
18FSG-386Grape flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
19FSG-3062Blueberry flavourBeverage (P)$99.00
20FSG-359Guava flavourBeverage (P)$119.00
21FSG-2992Apple flavourBeverage (L)$110.00
22FSG-812Apple flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
23FRA058Apple flavourBeverage (L)$90.00
24FSG-3068Apple flavourBeverage (P)$87.00
25FSG-1300Peanut flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
26FSG-144BCaramel flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
27FSG-1637Caramel flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
28FSG-715Sweet Butter flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
29FSG-1954#Sweet Butter flavourBaking (L)$121.00
30FSG-971Cocoa flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
31FSG-714White rabbit sugar milk flavourBaking (L)$110.00
32FSG-2500Pure milk flavourBaking (L)$125.00
33FSG-28007Fresh Milk flavourBaking (L)$106.00
34FSG-2806Fresh Milk flavourBaking (L)$102.00
35FSG-332Yogurt flavourBaking (L)$115.00
36FSG-949Yogurt flavourBaking (L)$100.00
37FSG-2835King milk flavourBaking (L)$105.00
38FSG-3506King milk flavourBaking (P)$90.00
39FSG-22809condensed milk flavourBaking (L)$98.00
40FSG-709Oat flavourBaking (L)$160.00
41FSG-945Cream flavourBaking (L)$110.00
42FSG-430Aloe flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
43FSG-413Toffee milk flavourBaking (L)$95.00
44FSG-412Toffee milk flavourBaking (L)$102.00
45FSG-414##Toffee milk flavourBaking (P)$100.00
46FSG-333Sweet Corn flavourBaking (L)$100.00
47FSG-334##Sweet Corn flavourBaking (P)$98.00
48FSG-2990Sweet Orange flavourBeverage (L)$99.00
49FSG-2423Sweet Orange flavourBeverage (P)$102.00
50FSG-1055Sweet milk flavourBaking (L)$140.00
51FSG-952Strawberry Milk flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
52FSG-3146Mint flavourBeverage (P)$130.00
53FSG-2362Cola flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
54FSG-2747Coconut flavourBeverage (P)$102.00
55FSG-142Pear flavourBeverage (L)$113.00
56FSG-074Pear flavourBeverage (L)$106.00
57FSG-2361Mixed Fruit flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
58FSG-904Apricot flavourBeverage (L)$117.00
60FSG-840Mangosteen flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
62FSG-148Cake flavourBaking (L)$130.00
63FSG-2226Sesame flavourBaking (L)$110.00
64FSG-2295Sesame flavourBaking (L)$125.00
65FSG-3450Rice flavourBaking (L)$110.00
66FSG-869Toast Rice flavourBaking (L)$125.00
67FSG-3384Corn flavourBaking (L)$144.00
68FSG-2560Popcorn flavourBaking (L)$110.00
69FSG-416Popcorn flavourBaking (L)$98.00
70FSG-333#Popcorn flavourBaking (L)$107.00
71FSG-200#Lemon flavourBeverage (L)$102.00
72FSG-1094Brown sugar flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
73FSG-1049Ice Black Tea flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
74FSG-10903Mango Juice flavourBeverage (L)$110.00
76FSG-3141Mango flavourBeverage (L)$115.00
77FSG-383Mango flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
78FSG-1775Ginger flavourBeverage (L)$109.00
79FSG-1775#Ginger flavourBaking (L)$117.00
80FSG-2462Matcha flavourBaking (P)$105.00
81FSG-1063Chrysanthemum flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
82FSG-864watermelon flavourBeverage (L)$105.00
83FSG-145Honey flavourBeverage (L)$110.00
84FSG-077Honey flavourBaking (L)$120.00
85FSG-2476Mocha coffee flavourBeverage (L)$140.00
86FSG-1112Mocha coffee flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
87FSG-854Kiwi flavourBeverage (L)$115.00
88FSG-1352Soy Sauce flavourBaking (L)$105.00
89FSG-62015Taro flavourBaking (L)$120.00
90FSG-073Cherry flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
91FSG-3770Pizza flavourBaking (L)$120.00
92FSG-3544Pizza flavourBaking (L)$135.00
93FSG-1787Cotton flavourBaking (L)$115.00
94FSG-846Ice Cream flavourBeverage (L)$135.00
95FSG-1133Soda flavourBaking (L)$115.00
96FSG-1096jasmine TeaBeverage (L)$120.00
97FSG-896Tiramisu flavourBeverage (L)$125.00
98FSG-1106Malt flavourBaking (L)$105.00
99FSG-063Mulberry flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
100FSG-108Prune flavourBeverage (L)$110.00
101FSG-3302Rose flavourBeverage (L)$95.00
102FSG-032Melon flavourBeverage (L)$122.50
103FSG035JasmineBeverage (L)$125.00
104FSG-055Lemon flavourBeverage (L)$140.00
105FSG-1152Kiwi flavourBeverage (L)$112.50
106FSG-1266Tomato flavour Beverage (L)$102.50
107FSG-13014Orange flavourBeverage (L)$137.50
108FSG-158White grape flavourBeverage (L)$117.50
109FSG-1682Green apple flavourBeverage (L)$122.50
110FSG-1924Red Bean flavour Beverage (L)$105.00
111FSG-1956Sweet Butter flavourBeverage (L)$122.50
112FSG-1972White peach flavourBeverage (L)$130.00
113FSG-1986Banana milk flavour Beverage (L)$142.50
114FSG-2259Wheat flavourBeverage (L)$142.50
115FSG-2556Cheese flavourBeverage (L)$162.50
116FSG-288Matcha flavourBeverage (L)$115.00
117FSG-3223Cheese flavourBeverage (L)$122.50
118FSG-3405White peach flavourBeverage (L)$117.50
119FSG3544Marinara flavourBeverage (L)$137.50
120FSG-369Cake flavourBeverage (L)$122.50
121FSG-3771Biscuit flavourBeverage (L)$207.50
122FSG390Strawberry favourBeverage (L)$97.50
123FSG-3902Onion flavourBeverage (L)$112.50
124FSG-454Hami Melon flavourBeverage (L)$120.00
125FSG-708Bread flavourBeverage (L)$129.00
126FSG803Yellow AppleBeverage (L)$115.00
127FSG857Coconut flavourBeverage (L)$102.50
128FSG-885Lemon candy flavourBeverage (L)$140.00
129FSG-9326Onion flavourBeverage (L)$115.00
130FSG945CreamBeverage (L)$117.50



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