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How flavors are used in food and beverage

I. Definition and significance of flavor compounding technology

  Compounding refers to a technology in which two or more flavors are mixed in the right proportion to express a specific theme. Compounding technology refers to the compounding between flavors and fragrances in general.

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  Aroma matching between flavors has the following advantages.

  1) To diversify the taste of the product.

  2) making the product taste rich and full.

  3) a competitive advantage in the market, making it impossible to imitate.

  (4) the use of alternatives to reduce costs, but maintain product quality.

  Second, the principles and elements of flavor compounding

  A single flavor in the expression of the theme of physical aroma or embodiment of taste often seems to lack a sense of three-dimensional, food flavor is different from the said chemical flavor is to express the aroma of thought association, it is a real taste feeling, so in the use of compounding technology to follow these principles: clear theme; good aroma coordination; good flavor taste.

  (1) clear theme: food flavor must be clear theme, food flavor creation is real, reproduce the natural taste.

  (2) good aroma coordination: grasp the transition between the fragrance rhyme, looking for common ground, the more perfect the transition between the fragrance rhyme, the better the coordination of the aroma.

  (3) good aroma and taste: the ultimate purpose of food flavor compounding is to provide good products, good products is the unity of aroma and taste, good aroma is not the ultimate purpose of flavor, good taste is the ultimate purpose.

  Flavor compounding inches in addition to follow the basic principles, but also to grasp some elements, looking for some skills. Fruit aroma is mainly light, sweet and sour aroma, ester components are more dominant. Milk aroma is mainly sweet and sour aroma, high carbonic acid and ester components are more dominant. Nutty aromas are mainly sweet and burnt, with thiazole and pyrazine components being more important. Aroma matching is also in line with the "similarity compatibility principle", that is, the aroma type is close to the easier to match. Therefore, fruit and milk fragrances are easy to match, and nuts and milk are easy to match, while fruits and nuts are more difficult to match. The matching between aromas is often dominated by one and supplemented by another or several others.

  Fruit flavors are easier to match between the common are: sweet orange-based, supplemented by lemon; pineapple-based, supplemented by mango, peach, sweet orange, banana, etc., fruit complex aroma of fragrance, the aroma is pleasant and unique.

  Nut flavors with each other, usually coffee-based, with cocoa, chocolate; peanut-based, with sesame, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds; taro-based, with roasted sweet potatoes, hazelnuts, etc..

  Dairy flavors can be matched with each other, each other as the main complement. In order to reduce costs, reduce the amount of dairy products, fill the shortage of milk aroma, while increasing the milk flavoring, add vanilla flavoring, enhance the sweet smell of milk.

  Third, the use of flavor compounding technology in flavoring

  In food flavoring, grasp the accuracy and integrity of the aroma theme is very important, when we express the theme is relatively single, flavor compounding is the best way, and now a single flavor between the compounding is also to modular flavor transition. Flavoring modularity is to blend a variety of fragrance first unit fragrance base, the formation of the first fragrance, body fragrance and tail fragrance, become a plate pattern, and then based on the characteristics of processed food and processing process characteristics of the trade-offs to recombine. Make it more in line with the needs of food manufacturers, including price, product characteristics, regional characteristics and other requirements, thus forming a new flavor.

  Fourth, the use of flavor compounding technology in dairy beverages

  Dairy products for food flavor requirements are relatively high, there is a certain degree of application difficulty, compounding technology in the product application space is larger. Milk flavor is the theme of these products, milk flavor compounding is very typical of the ghost, research between the milk flavor compounding made of modular flavor, according to the need to compound with fruit or nuts will achieve very satisfactory results.

  For example: strawberry and milk compound, from the composition of the fragrance rhyme, strawberry flavor: clear rhyme, sweet rhyme, sour rhyme, berry rhyme, milk rhyme; milk flavor: burnt sweet rhyme, milk rhyme, sour rhyme. Milk flavor has the rhyme is strawberry flavor at the same time, although the performance direction is different, but so the effect of compounding will be more ideal. Milk flavoring itself is relatively calm, strawberry flavoring will not be changed because of the intervention of milk aroma, but will continue the castor berry flavor and increase the expression of strawberry flavor, so we are accustomed to drink castor berry yogurt is justified.

  V. The use of flavor compounding technology in orange juice drinks

  Orange juice drinks generally use flavor are different flavor spice compounding, pay attention to the head, body, tail fragrance coordination. The general water quality of the head fragrance to be better, water and oil dual-use body fragrance is better, oil tail fragrance to be good. In addition, you can match some other fruit fragrance.

  Sweet orange if fresh add 5-10% lemon and white lemon or apple; add 20% passionfruit then become grainy orange flavor; can also add 20-30% red orange or 40% kumquat, taste more beautiful; and mango 20% with the green mango; pineapple 30%, coconut 10% with the three-in-one mixed effect.

  In the blending of orange flavored drinks can be used orange flavor as the main fragrance, other fruit flavors as a secondary fragrance to enrich the main fragrance. Such as grapefruit flavoring, depending on the specific product dosage of 2 to 5 parts per million.

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