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fruit flavor car washing shampoo fragrance

When the fruit flavor is applied to the car washing shampoo, it shows a fresh and sweet flavor, and it is also a more popular flavor for consumers to add to the car washing shampoo.


A fruity flavor that smells good, sweet or rich, including.

Peach fragrance,

Rich lemon fragrance,

Fragrant strawberry fragrance,

Green apple fragrance,

Cherry fragrance,

Cantaloupe fragrance,

Fresh fruit fragrance,

Lime fragrance,

Olive fragrance,

French blueberry fragrance,

Fruit acid fragrance,

Lemon fragrance,

Grape fragrance,

Corn fragrance,

Watermelon fragrance,

Pineapple fragrance,

Aloe juice fragrance,

Mango flavors and other flavors.


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