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Application of Food Flavor in Beverage production

Flavor is widely used in beverage production. Choosing a suitable good flavor can not only supplement the aroma lost due to its processing, maintain and stabilize the natural taste of the beverage product (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , but also cover the bad flavor, but also improve the flavor and taste of the beverage. More importantly, it can also improve the grade of the product, sweep the market, thus increase the value of the product. It consumes the most, accounting for 30% of the edible flavors. Most of the ingredients in most beverages are water (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , and the rest are only flavors and sugar, with orange and lemon as the main aroma.


In recent years, the rise of tea beverages has brought opportunities for the development of tea flavors. Coca-Cola drinks also belong to the lemon type, only with the addition of caramel pigment to become coffee color. The amount of edible flavor added to the beverage is generally small, 0.03%, 0 (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier).05%, and must be a water-soluble flavor or emulsified flavor (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) .

In the production of fruit juice, such as coconut juice, grass grape, apple, pineapple, fresh peach and so on, although high-grade products contain some fruit juice pressed by the fruit (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , flavors are also added to enhance its aroma. As for below-medium fruit juices, most of them are made from flavors. Fruits such as Xiangyan cannot extract their juice and flavor at all, and they are all imitated with isoamyl acetate.

In coffee (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , cocoa and tea drinks, natural products in the baking process will produce complex aroma is very attractive, so people like to drink freshly brewed coffee. Instant coffee generally adds 0.2% coffee flavor to make up for the aroma loss during processing. Jasmine tea and other flavors are generally added, which can not only make the product more fragrant, but also reduce the cost. Generally, the essence prepared by cilia essential oil is sprayed on the tea, with a usage of about 1%.



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