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Application of Food Flavor in seasoning production

Seasonings have a wide range of uses, including meat products, expanded seasonings (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) , biscuit seasonings, instant noodles and other convenient food seasonings. The flavors used in seasonings are generally called Wei flavors, including poultry such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, seafood, vegetables and spices (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) .


In modern seasoning production, whether it is blending or thermal reaction, Merad reaction or enzymolysis protein reaction, due to the influence of different raw materials or chemical reactions under different temperatures and control conditions, often lead to the characteristics of the product is not obvious (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , that is to say, the lack of head aroma, the appropriate addition of edible flavor can be used to increase the head aroma of such products to make up for this defect. So that consumers can enjoy the delicious food with all kinds of color, aroma and taste.

Vegetable flavor: such as ketchup, potato chips, etc (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) ., are added in the late stage of processing to make up for the trace amount of spices damaged during processing to reproduce the original aroma of vegetables.

Salty flavor: due to the emergence of fast food and convenience food, it is necessary to imitate the aroma of dishes, so meat flavor is developed. The aroma of pork, beef and chicken is mostly obtained by Maillard reaction of amino acids and sugars. In addition, there are seafood flavors, imitating the aromas of crabs, shrimp (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , fish and mushrooms and vegetables.

Spice seasoning essence: such as sesame oil, pepper, spring onions have characteristic aroma, but if you add some active ingredients such as garlic ginger, cinnamon, incense and other seasonings, its own aroma will be better.

The addition amount of edible flavor in seasoning depends on different processes, formulations and customer requirements. Generally, the addition amount is 0.3%-0.8%, and most of them are oil-soluble flavors, which need to be resistant to high temperature.



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