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Application of Food Flavor in Dairy production

Dairy products mainly refer to yogurt, milk drinks, ice cream and ice cream and other cold drinks, they are not only high nutritional value, easy to digest and absorb, but also excellent drinks (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) . With the addition of appropriate edible flavors, we can taste all kinds of ice cream and ice cream, enjoy the cool and romantic moments of midsummer, and also let people taste their favorite strawberry yogurt. Let you constantly try new tastes and new life.?.


Fresh milk has synthesized some natural aroma in cows, so it is not common to add flavors in the past, but now several major dairy companies in China have begun to add milk flavors to fresh milk to improve the aroma and taste of milk. In the process of producing condensed milk and milk powder, due to heating and evaporation, spray drying and other processes, the final product has aroma difference with milk, so it is generally necessary to add flavor to make up for it. Butter, yogurt and ice cream are major users of flavors.

Although the addition of edible flavor is very small, generally only 0.03% to 0.05%, but it can play the role of the finishing touch on the product, so that the color and aroma of the product to reach the best state.

The types of milk flavor can be divided into: pure milk flavor, condensed milk flavor, cream flavor, sour milk flavor and so on. The aroma components of these dairy products are basically the same (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , mainly because the amount of aroma components is different (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , resulting in different flavor characteristics of different dairy products (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) . Among them, pure dairy flavor has the largest sales volume.

In dairy products, butanedione and 3-hydroxy-2-butanone are two important compounds with the characteristics of frankincense and milk flavor. Therefore (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , in the preparation of milk flavor, butanedione, 3-hydroxy-2-butyl, trans-2-hexenal and other compounds are commonly used to make the flavor appear more relaxed and transparent; lactone compounds are the main flavor of milk, although the dosage is relatively small, but it can better link up the head flavor and body flavor of the flavor, making the whole flavor more plump and perfect. The addition of enaldehydes to the flavor formula can improve the freshness of the flavor, and the addition of vanillin, ethyl vanillin, maltol (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , ethyl maltol and other compounds can highlight the milk flavor and the sweet flavor of milk (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) , increase the flavor retention time, and coordinate the balance among all kinds of spices.



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