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Application of Food Flavor in the production of Bakery products

Baked products include biscuits, bread, pastries, pies and puffed foods, among which biscuits are the most widely used flavors, although the range of flavors used is not as wide as candy and beverages, but edible flavors are also important additives and excipients in biscuits, which can not only cover up the bad smell brought by some raw materials, but also set off the aroma of biscuits and improve people's appetite.


Biscuit is a kind of baking product, which has to withstand a surface high temperature of 180 ℃ to 200 ℃ in the baking process, so high-temperature-resistant and oil-soluble flavors are required, with a general addition of 0.1% Mel 0.3%. Today's baked goods such as bread, cakes and biscuits also add flavors. Due to the high temperature during processing (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , some of them will volatilize (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , so the current dosage has been increased to 0.5%.

The method of adding essence to baked products.

1 mixed in the raw material.

For example, cake and dim sum foods knead flavors and spices into dough or slurry in the process of making dough or paste, but the disadvantageous factor of high temperature can not be avoided, so it is limited to use some flavors and flavors which are stable to thermal properties. Such as vanillin (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) , maple syrup, nut flavors and spices such as ginger and cinnamon. Nowadays, many manufacturers are more and more inclined to use capsule powder flavors which are very stable to heat. However, it is difficult to avoid the loss of flavors and fragrances caused by high temperature. Therefore (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , when designing the formula of the actual product, we should take into account the loss of some flavors and fragrances in the heating process, and appropriately increase its dosage, and the flavoring rate is generally 0.2% 0.4%.

two。. To spray, spread, or spread on the surface of a product.

Spraying or coating oily flavors and fragrances on the surface of freshly baked biscuits and snacks, this method can avoid high temperature heating and reduce the volatilization loss of flavors and fragrances. However, because the flavor and fragrance is exposed on the surface of the product, it is easy to volatilize and oxidize in the sales process, so the oily flavor which is stable to the above changes must be selected.

For fast food such as flavor biscuits and slow-baked slices, powder flavor is usually used. After heating and ripening, the powder flavor is sprinkled on the surface of the product after spraying wine or coating oil. This flavoring method can use capsule powder flavor, which is more resistant to oxidation and volatilization because it is covered with capsule.

When using this method to add flavor and package products, we should be careful not to rub off the flavors and fragrances (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) . In addition, in the specific operation, it is necessary to maintain a uniform fragrance to avoid excessive concentration of local flavors and fragrances that produce unpleasant odors and cause waste. The pollution of machinery and equipment in the factory and the adverse effects on other production lines must also be taken into account, especially now the impact of most small enterprises using one production line to produce a variety of products can not be ignored.

This method is suitable for a wide variety of flavors and fragrances. Compared with sweet flavors and fragrances, this method is more suitable for the use of Wei flavors and fragrances. The general fragrance rate is 0.01% Mel 0.05%.



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