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Does milk contain flavors

Banana milk, chocolate milk and other sweet taste, unique flavor, loved by the majority of consumers, these milk basically contains food flavoring

  1、Which milk contains flavors

  Most of the flavored milk on the market, such as chocolate milk, banana milk, cereal milk, etc., have the figure of edible flavors, and are usually placed in the last place of the ingredients list, consumers are often less able to notice.

  There are also some fruit-flavored drinks that are labeled on the package with the flavor, but the ingredients do not contain any fruit juice.

  For example, the two above are the same brand of two flavored milk products, different flavors, ingredients are exactly the same, there is no difference, and the same does not add any juice, and both products in the ingredients are added to the edible flavor.

  2, these milk in the why to add flavor

  Food flavoring is a mixture of edible flavors and add-ons, which can also be said to be a food additive used to enhance the flavor of food.

  Flavored milk is the main raw material to cow's milk, adding other flavored foods, such as cocoa, coffee, fruit juice, supplemented by sweeteners, acidulants, stabilizers, flavors and other dairy products made by the color and flavor, one of the main selling points is the taste, and the taste of the raw material itself is not delicious enough, you need additives and flavors to adjust the taste.

  Those fruit flavored drinks are added with fruit juice flavoring, including peach flavoring, orange juice flavoring, blackberry flavoring, strawberry flavoring, pineapple flavoring, apple flavoring, lychee flavoring, mango flavoring, lemon flavoring, etc. No fruit juice is needed, only through different flavors to achieve the taste of the drink.

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