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Basic knowledge of beverage flavors

Flavors in food are mainly used in beverages, cookies, snacks, frozen foods, candy, condiments, dairy products, nuts, preserves, emulsions and wine, including fruit water and fats, dairy, poultry, meat, vegetables, nuts, preserves, emulsions and other wine products. Edible spice dosage forms are liquid, powder, microcapsules, pulp, etc.

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  There are three main sources of aroma in beverages: first, as the main body of the beverage raw materials first exist in the beverage, second, in the food processing (such as heating, fermentation, etc.) process, in a series of chemical changes in the raw materials of the fragrance prerequisite substances produced; third, in the beverage processing process intentionally added, such as food flavoring. Although the content of food flavoring in beverages is very low, but its position is very important.

  The role of flavoring is to make the product with aromatic, tonic, taste masking, freshness and fortifying agents and other functions. According to analytical and technical studies of the flavor industry, many beverages can have unpleasant odors due to problems with raw material composition and product preservation. For example, heating low-calorie foods with artificial sweeteners can have an unpleasant aftertaste; fruit juices, functional foods and milk can produce a taste of light; lactic acid bacteria drinks can produce a taste of light, just like boiled cabbage, and 67% of people will feel uncomfortable. Taste is the god of food.

  In order to solve the problem of off-flavor in beverages, adding food flavoring to beverages can be a good way to change the bad taste in dairy beverages, such as the lemon taste in citrus beverages, due to the reduction of warm and wet oxidation of light, the off-flavor produced by citral ingredients, the addition of which solves the problem of off-flavor. Drinks are divided into clear and cloudy categories, cloudy drinks can become the direction of development, emulsified flavors for low-calorie drinks, such as milk coffee drinks, can improve the flavor, strength and cloudiness of the drink sense.

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