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The role of milk flavoring

Milk is one of the ancient natural beverages and its importance to the human body can be imagined. Milk, as the name suggests, is extracted from female cows. In different places, there are different grades of milk.

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  Milk powder is a powder made by removing water from milk and it is suitable for preservation. Milk powder is a food product made from fresh milk, which is dried and processed by removing almost all the water from the milk by freezing or heating. It can be divided according to raw materials, production process and drinking population, and different products have different nutritional values.

  Milk powder uses: brewing drinking, food processing, canned beverages, coffee milk, flavored milk, milk tea, bread, toast, cake, pudding, chocolate, cookies, wheel cake, ice cream, condensed milk, milk sugar, corn soup, cereal pharmaceutical (calcium tablets), feed organic fertilizer

  Egg and milk flavoring; powder / liquid egg and milk flavoring long-lasting aroma, suitable for a variety of food industry.

  1. Oil flavor is suitable for hard candy, cookies and other baked goods, etc. The general amount is about 0.2%. But the oil flavor with propylene glycol as solvent can also be used for soft drinks, beverages, etc., the general dosage of 0.05-0.1%.

  2、Water quality flavor for soft drinks, beverages, ice cream, other cold drinks, wine, etc., the general amount of 0.07-0.15%.

  3 emulsified flavor for soft drinks, beverages, etc., the general dosage of 0.1% or so; turbidity agent dosage of 0.08-0.12%.

  4. Paste flavor is suitable for soft drinks, beverage preparation base with, can also be used directly for soft drinks, beverages, the general dosage of 0.2-0.23% (full color), 0.05% (non-full color, another supplement caramel color 0.15-0.18%).

  5. Coconut powder is suitable for cookies, other meat, vegetable, poultry and other powders for cookies, puffed food, convenience food and soup, the general dosage of 0.3-1%.

  Factory production of beverages, candy, cookies and other food, almost always add flavor and taste, cream flavor is a special high concentration of additives that can affect the taste and flavor of food, can make up for the loss of flavor due to the food processing and manufacturing process. Due to the different methods of use of flavors, it can give the product *** flavor and create new products. Product standardization can make the product not easy to be imitated. The amount of flavor is generally very small, but it determines the flavor of food, therefore, edible flavor is the food industry must not less food additives.

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