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Food flavor application classification

At present, flavors and fragrances in the food industry are mainly used in the following areas.

  1, in the application of candy

  The production of candy needs to go through thermal processing, thermal processing on the loss of flavor is great, so the need to add flavor to make up for the lack of flavor. Flavors are widely used in candy production, such as hard candy, inflatable candy, caramel candy, fruit juice candy, gel candy, chewing gum, bubble gum, powdered sugar production, edible flavors are among the indispensable additives.

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  Although the use of flavor in candy is very small, but it plays a decisive role in the aroma and flavor of the product, it can make the candy fragrance can be pleasant and infinite changes, so as to meet the requirements of people for a variety of different tastes.

  In the production of candy is generally used in the high thermal stability of oil-soluble flavor, the amount added in the candy is generally 0.1% to 0.3%, but in chewing gum, bubble gum and other gum-based sugar in the amount added generally need to reach 0.5% to 0.8%. At present, there are microencapsulated flavor for candy, especially chewing gum production, can reduce the loss and destruction of flavor during processing, and in the process of chewing flavor can be maintained for a long time.

  2、Application in beverages and cold drinks

  Flavor in the production of beverages, cold drinks also has a very wide range of applications. Beverage flavor components in the processing process is easy to lose, and add flavor spices can not only supplement the loss of flavor due to processing, maintain and stabilize the natural taste of beverage products, but also can cover the bad flavor in the product, more importantly, can also enhance the product grade, popular market, thereby increasing the value of the product.

  Such as general white wine has brown spicy, bitter or sugar fishy and other bad taste, in order to cover these odors, you need to add a certain amount of spices, while highlighting the unique aroma of white wine. Beverages and cold drinks in water quality flavor or emulsified flavor is more widely used, but the amount added is generally small, 0.03% to 0.05% or so.

  3, in the application of seasonings

  Flavoring in the seasoning application is very wide, including meat products, puffing type seasoning, cookie type seasoning and instant noodles and other convenience food flavoring package with seasoning. In the production of seasonings, due to the influence of various different raw materials or chemical reactions at different temperatures and control conditions, often resulting in the product's characteristic flavor is not obvious, that is, the lack of the first flavor, and the appropriate addition of edible flavors can make up for this defect.

  Flavors used in seasonings are generally flavors, including pig, cattle, sheep, chicken and other poultry, seafood, vegetables and spices, and most of them are oil-soluble flavors that can withstand high temperatures. The amount of edible flavors added in the seasoning depends on the different processes, formulations and customer requirements, and is generally 0.3% to 0.8%.

  At present, there are many reports on the development and application of microencapsulated flavorings, using microencapsulated spices can avoid the loss of flavor substances in the storage process, but also the spices in the water when the flavor substances quickly released.

  4, in the application of dairy products

  Dairy products are an important source of high quality protein, but due to people's preferences, taste, the need to add different fragrances, different flavors and spices, so that the product has a unique flavor.

  Flavors and fragrances in dairy products are mainly used in yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks and margarine. Milk, citrus and fruit flavors are edible flavors in the traditional popular mainstream flavor, and mango, aloe vera, grape, passion fruit, guava, papaya and grapefruit, etc. in the application of yogurt is increasingly expanding.

  5、Application in baked goods

  Baked goods, especially cookies are most widely used flavor, it can not only cover up the bad smell of some raw materials, but also can enhance the flavor of cookies, to enhance the appetite.

  As the cookie in the baking process to withstand 180-200 ℃ high surface temperature, so the requirements of high temperature, oil-soluble flavor, generally added to 0.1% to 0.3%.

  In addition, baked goods in the baking process, due to the evaporation of water will take away some of the spices, while the spices in the high temperature will be excessive escape or change, so that baked goods in the shelf life of the flavor or taste, and in baked goods after adding microencapsulated flavoring spices, can reduce the loss of processing, so that the shelf life of a strong flavor.

  Currently in the onion cookies, tea flavor cookies and other different flavors of cookies and bread, puffed food processing, many have been used microencapsulated flavoring spices.

  6, in the application of meat products

  Meat products are most often used spices, meat flavor spices and other aromatic materials, they have to remove, cover the raw meat fishy taste, give and increase the flavor of meat products.

  Such as high-temperature meat products after high-temperature sterilization, the taste than low-temperature meat products, meat feeling is not strong, there is a steaming flavor, and add flavor can improve the flavor of high-temperature meat products, high-temperature meat products should be selected with good heat-resistant performance of oil flavor or heat-reactive flavor.

  In low-temperature meat products, adding flavoring can also improve the flavor of the product and play an attractive role. Low-grade low-temperature meat products due to the extensive use of starch, soy protein and other fillers, and therefore need to increase the use of flavor to improve the flavor, cover up the odor. As low-temperature meat products using refrigeration, most of the consumption of non-heating, so it is appropriate to use the aroma of strong, low-temperature volatile, long-lasting flavor.

  At present, Western-style meat products are still the main field of application of flavors, Chinese meat products are gradually accepting the use of flavors, and the application of edible flavors for frozen convenience meat products will become a new direction of research and development of flavor production plants.

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