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Industrial flavoring fragrance classification

Industrial flavor is also an important raw material industry for fragrance products. The characteristics of fragrance are high temperature resistance, long-lasting fragrance, easy to disperse, environmental protection and other characteristics. Used to mask the smell and increase the fragrance, in order to achieve a good selling point.

  Fragrance classification Cool fragrance, leaf fragrance, citrus fragrance, fruit fragrance, flower fragrance, spicy fragrance, grass fragrance, resin fragrance, paste fragrance, wood fragrance, loam fragrance, moss fragrance, animal fragrance, leather fragrance, aldehyde fragrance, etc.

  Fragrance types

  Mosquito repellent fragrance, laundry detergent fragrance, hand soap fragrance, body soap fragrance, Libai detergent fragrance, air freshener fragrance, Buddha fragrance, laundry detergent fragrance, mosquito fragrance, candle fragrance, perfume fragrance, high temperature resistant fragrance, powder fragrance, granular fragrance, fragrance master batch, toy fragrance, car perfume fragrance, shampoo fragrance, nail polish fragrance, paint fragrance, paint fragrance, water-based fragrance, cosmetic fragrance Paper flavor, fabric flavor, air freshener flavor, shoe sole flavor, silica gel flavor, plastic bag flavor, plastic products flavor, rubber products flavor, plastic toys, fragrance avoidance flavor, shoe material flavor, sponge flavor and other industrial flavors

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  Fragrance type

  1 floral fragrance (rose, jasmine, tuberose, night, violet, lily of the valley, magnolia, lilac, gardenia, hyacinth, narcissus, lotus, sunflower, orange blossom, lavender, tulip, acacia flowers, scented bamboo stone, osmanthus, chrysanthemum, ylang-ylang, chamomile, etc.)

  2. non-flowery fragrance (sandalwood, leather, wood, fantasy, fruit, coffee, cream, vanilla, ginger, mint, etc.)

  3. fruity fragrance (orange, banana, tangerine, blueberry, pineapple, apple, grape, pear, cherry, strawberry, watermelon, lemon, melon, banana, blueberry, cantaloupe, sweet orange, green apple, mango, tangerine, cucumber, corn, blueberry, bamboo, blackcurrant, etc.)

  4, roast beef, beef, smoked, chicken, cowhide, chocolate, cologne, mint, milk, coffee, mint and other scents

  5, incense, wood, sandalwood, camphor, pine, eucalyptus, sandalwood, cedar, pine forest, Tibetan incense and other fragrances

  Other forest fragrance Ocean fragrance Chanel fragrance Green tea fragrance White tea fragrance Black tea fragrance Corn fragrance Bread fragrance Cake fragrance Flax fragrance Coconut fragrance Cream fragrance Toner fragrance

  We can also customize various fragrances according to customers' requirements.

  Use field]

  Plastic, rubber, toys, shoes, paints and coatings, glue, double-sided adhesive, N times glue, solid glue, chemical glue, chemical solvents, candles, ink, leather, sponge, artificial leather, laundry products, handicrafts, stationery products, automotive interior, home aromatherapy aerosol, sanitary incense Buddha incense, dry and wet paper tissue fragrance, textiles, leather fragrance, stationery and cultural products, household items, as well as beauty and cosmetic Packaging and other plastic industry, environmental sanitation deodorization series of products, can make the product itself with characteristics to make it more competitive in the market and increase the added value potential of products and many other areas

  Performance characteristics

  Small amount of addition, low cost, high value-added products. Compared with other methods of adding spices, the use of flavors can withstand high temperatures and long fragrance retention. Its greater advantage is easy to apply.

  Physicochemical index】

  Granule: oval-shaped gel granule .

  Powder: powder froth.

  Liquid: transparent light yellow.

  Volume density: 0.48-0.65/CM3:0

  Homogeneity of fragrance: average dispersion in colloidal granules, powder, liquid

  Compatibility: fragrance can be used in varieties of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, rubber, daily necessities, cosmetics, washing, Buddhist incense, candles, industrial products to add fragrance correction and other products

  Appearance】Liquid, powder, granules

  Fragrance retention time】General 6-18 months.

  【Addition ratio】Powder 0.1-0.5% Granules 1-3% Liquid 0.2-0.5%

  Product advantages】Environmentally friendly and highly concentrated, add small amount, low cost

  Product efficacy】Aromatic, odor masking, deodorization, deodorant cut lasting a long time

  Product characteristics]

  Will not affect the original drying or other chemical properties of the material.

  In high or cold temperatures and in harsh environments, etc. still effective

  Good compatibility and dispersibility.

  Use Method

  1、Please shake well before using the liquid

  2, according to the appropriate proportion and the material mix well after half an hour apart and then according to the normal process production can

  Note: Stir with raw materials to make it blend.

  Storage and transportation: Store in a dry and cool place under seal, avoid direct sunlight.



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