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What is the difference between aromatherapy and fragrance

Aromatherapy is also known as aromatherapy oil, essential oil, fragrance oil and so on. This is used for fragrance, can not be used in the skin, belongs to the olfactory enjoyment, although can not be used on the skin but still has a beauty effect, I use mainly as a stress reliever. It is relatively easy to use, 3 or 4 drops in the aromatherapy lamp or aromatherapy oven plus some water can be fragrant. Room, living room, office, public places can be, but the latter two to see whether colleagues or customers like. Otherwise, it will affect others. 

Essential oils are also known as 100% pure essential oils, plant oils, single essential oils, essential oils. These can be used as beauty, that is, used on the skin, but to dilute plus base oil blend before use. Essential oils are simply essential oils that are extracted from a plant and not mixed with other essential oils. If this is not yet very well understood it is recommended not to operate on their own, but under the guidance of a cosmetologist for the best operation.

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  Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts derived from a variety of aromatic plants, including flowers, grasses and leaves, needles and twigs, fruit peels, seeds, trees and roots. All plants photosynthesize and its cells secrete fragrant molecules, which are then gathered into fragrance capsules and dispersed on the petals, leaves or trunks of trees. These molecules are then gathered into fragrance capsules, which are scattered on the petals, leaves or trunks of the trees. When the capsules are extracted, they become what we call "essential oils". Essential oils can be made up of more than 250 different molecules combined. In nature's arrangement, these molecules exist together in perfect proportions, making each plant special, and so the wonders of essential oils for the human body are incomparably broad. 

As for what brand of essential oil is good, this is not easy to say, this depends on whether you want to buy aromatherapy oil or pure essential oil, the price is very different, 100% pure essential oil of rose is the most expensive, thousands of dollars are available. Seriously, I really do not want to buy, the brand depends on your own like, can not accept its price, aromatherapy oil tens of dollars to buy can. Essential oils have more than ninety dollars, a hundred or so, two or three hundred dollars ranging.



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