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The fragrances difference between in shampoo laundry detergent and body wash

As long as the fragrances come from the same manufacturer, there is no difference in essence, because they all belong to the detergent products

  First of all, perfume is also a kind of fragrance.

  Shampoo, laundry detergent and body wash are applied products with added fragrance, and their scent properties are very important to the overall product.

  These products are fragrances + medium (surfactants), perfumes are pure fragrances.

  So what is the difference between the two fragrances?

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  First of all, the solvents are not the same.

  We know that fragrance is fragrance raw material + solvent.

  The solvent of perfume fragrance is alcohol

  The solvent of daily fragrance is rarely alcohol, more dpg, dep, ipm such solvent.

  First, alcohol is not safe, both storage logistics and product stability have potential adverse effects. The second is that the daily fragrance itself is not the final product, but also needs to be added to the product, without the additional high volatility.

  What is different about the solvent is not the main difference between daily fragrances and perfumes.

  The most critical is the difference in the choice and proportion of fragrances in the fragrance. The next point to focus on.

  For a specific analysis of fragrances and solvents, please refer to my other article

  How to get started with perfume for beginners? Before we start talking, let's throw out the question, can a perfume + unscented laundry detergent act as a scented laundry detergent?

  To give a straight answer, perfume + unscented laundry detergent performs far less well than an excellent laundry detergent with fragrance.

  Insufficient fragrance retention and serious loss of fragrance.

  Fragrance should be resistant to water rinsing, but also strongly attached to the clothing fibers, resistant to several days of sunlight, and still maintain a stable as before light fragrance, which is an excellent suitable laundry detergent fragrance.

  Perfume, is one of the mildest of all daily fragrance environments.

  It does not need to be acid or alkali resistant, does not need to be heated, does not need to stand up to water washing, and does not need to consider the inorganic salt ions. Fragrances just need to be kept in alcohol, like a flower in a greenhouse.

  Candle fragrances to consider high temperature resistance to consider the burning effect, perfumers do laundry detergent fragrances to consider whether the fragrance resistance to weak alkali whether to withstand washing, soap fragrances face higher alkalinity, greater odor of the base, more discoloration factors.

  Daily perfumery has more technical implications, while perfumery only needs to bring out the aesthetics to the extreme.

  Daily perfumers are more like engineers, while perfumers have more of an artist's temperament.

  Daily fragrances are not the final product, they have to be added to the product as an attribute of the product, to play the function of fragrance, odor masking, etc. The final performance depends on the performance of the product to score.

  Perfume is the final product, do not need to face the complex medium, just need to get the scent right at this moment, there is no worries.

  So, many people say that daily fragrances are cheap, yes, they are cheap. But many expensive fragrances only suitable for raising in alcohol, change the environment is not useful ah, want to use can not use ah! This aggravation and engineers to pay the effort, you may experience?

  Suppose I made a perfume fragrance, suddenly I need to apply this fragrance in the soap in the shampoo toner dried flowers with flavor industrial raw materials aroma, then the face of each application environment, I have to modify the formula, sometimes in order to ultimately performance effect, had to sacrifice the aroma. The daily chemical industry does not believe in tears and stories, fragrance smells good again, the story is good, the effect of using it is not good for nothing.

  Sometimes the packaging has to be considered, the fragrance vapor may corrode the packaging.

  For example, a sweet orange flavor, which used a lot of citrus oil octanal decanal and so on, a large dose of added may cause corrosion effect on plastic packaging.

  These are the points that need to be considered for daily use flavors.

  The second difference.

  Flavor structure is different.

  This is actually different from the application environment.

  The structure of perfume is a balanced structure of goldfish. It is about 1:1:1, and most of them favor the middle and last notes.

  What if it is an air freshener and fireless fragrance? It is necessary to significantly increase the proportion of top notes to enhance their volatility and diffusion.

  If it is a candle fragrance, if you have smelled candle fragrance, the smell of the feeling of asphalt is generally stuffy and thick. Candle fragrances need to focus on the middle and last tones.

  To summarize.

  Shampoo, laundry detergent, body wash in the daily fragrance, and perfume structure may be different from the proportion of daily fragrance because the need to look after the application of fragrance effect, more factors to consider, the choice of fragrance and the proportion of different applications to change according to the environment, breaking through the harsh environment to achieve the best results and product traits. (After writing, I found myself so long-winded, chattered several times, afraid that others do not understand)

  Gentle aesthetics of perfume, harsh technology of daily fragrance.

  There is no difference in the broad categories of fragrance monomer raw materials that can be used, although some expensive raw materials, due to cost constraints, are unlikely to be used in daily products. (Many are used in very low quantities even in perfume fragrances)

  Daily fragrances have higher requirements for stability and safety, and according to the degree of direct contact with the skin, the use of some raw materials than perfumes will have the same strict rules.

  What is the purpose of adding fragrance to shampoos, laundry detergents and body washes?

  To cover up the base odor of daily chemical products (surfactants, emulsifiers...), which may not be pleasant, a successful daily chemical fragrance must first cover up the base odor, perfume is the fragrance directly dissolved in alcohol, there is no such problem to highlight the function of the product. Few people would want to choose a leather toned laundry detergent, right? So the daily chemical product fragrance needs to be able to help highlight the product function, in line with their own product image. The freedom of perfume will be much greater compared to the carrot and cabbage, all have to choose. Expression requires more, for example, to assess a shampoo fragrance, you need to score according to the different stages of performance (shampoo, when used, wet hair, dry hair) from the table to the inside, you can naturally think of shampoo shower gel laundry detergent softener ...... these products in order to meet the different needs, which added fragrance and perfume in what The difference is.

  Fragrances are classified by use as shown in the figure

  Shampoo, laundry detergent, body soap, perfume added in the flavor are all daily flavors. Perfume fragrance is the top work of the daily fragrance (except for the street 20 yuan a bottle of poor quality perfume), a perfume marketing success, will soon be popular in other daily fragrance applications, standing at the top of the pyramid of daily fragrance perfume, holding the absolute right to "create the fragrance".

  Shampoo, body wash (including other direct contact with the human body cosmetics) using fragrances closer to the perfume flavor (perfume actually also belongs to the cosmetics category), the fragrances used in the preparation of these daily products, will try to avoid or reduce the use of those darker and easy to change the species, a variety of classic perfume fragrance will be used by cosmetic flavors, but the preparation of these daily products fragrances, according to the requirements of the party will Use some cheaper fragrances (to control costs)

  Laundry detergent belongs to the detergent flavor, these detergents are almost all alkaline, so will use alkali-resistant fragrances, low-grade detergents may use part of the fragrance offcuts (to control costs)

  In general, assuming you have the same brand of shampoo, laundry detergent, perfume sold by the same brand, their fragrances are not exactly the same, perfume fragrance is like a colorful painting, while the same fragrance shampoo, laundry detergent is more like a black and white copy, empty of its shape, lost its rhyme.

  Shampoo, laundry detergent, body wash in the fragrance closer to the perfume fragrance, there are colors, easier to change, more than one surfactant together, while the perfume is just a simple fragrance. Fragrance is composed of fragrance raw materials and solvents, and the solvent of perfume fragrance is alcohol, generally rarely use alcohol, are using other solvents, because alcohol is not safe and has a high volatility.

  The fragrance in the laundry detergent is more durable, and the perfume will soon be less fragrant.

  The fragrance in the laundry detergent is resistant to water washing and will adhere to the clothing, which is a more intense fragrance.



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