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Is there any harm in body wash with fragrance

Among the various household products, body wash can be said to have always had a very large need, because of such a consumer shopping mall, so that the occupation of the brand is constantly increasing. In short, the body wash is needed by every family, it is not only a simple cleaning of the skin, but more importantly, the bath brought cool and soothing, moist and silky feeling, so the quality of the body wash we are particularly concerned about. Is there any harm in body wash containing fragrance? Let Bai Bai safety net of the editor and you go together to understand it!

  Fragrance is the main allergen. Fragrance is one of the main allergens in the eyes of formulators, perhaps we do not know how much damage fragrance can do to the skin!

  Fragrance itself is a mixture, which is composed of synthetic or natural fragrances. These fragrances themselves are also various types of chemical ingredients, some of which as fragrances are major allergens and even cause cancer.

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  The safety of flavors depends on the addition of specific types of flavors, and the regulations of each country, will limit the ingredients, set the maximum or limited use. So it is still recommended that you choose a fragrance-free brand.

  If you must like skin care products with flavor, then you must be careful to choose the big brands, compared to the low cost of Taobao stores, large brands of corporate research and development experiments as well as testing a wider range of strength. Also relatively safe.

  Although the product's fragrance is relatively safe, but does not mean that it will not be allergic. There was a formulator, in the laboratory need to configure a large number of topical skin care agents, for different fragrances ready to do consumer testing in order to test which fragrance is better, the formulator has been with the test for many days, and then the face began to appear red and itchy symptoms. The test concluded that this was due to facial sensitivity caused by exposure to new fragrances and prolonged exposure to volatile fragrances.

  By understanding the role of fragrances, it is easy to understand why fragrances are commonly added to body washes.

  The formulator is also just pleasing your senses to make the product better in a highly competitive market. After all, cosmetics are different from pharmaceuticals, where the doctor prescribes a medicine that is even worse to take. Cosmetics, on the other hand, mainly rely on our own preferences to choose, while having an effect requires a sense of use, a good skin feel, smell. Since it doesn't smell good and doesn't work, why should I use this product of yours? There is not only this one product on the market.



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