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Scented candles why not smell good enough

Why are scented candles diy not fragrant

  The scent of scented candles can purify the air and improve the indoor air environment, many friends will add their favorite essential oils when making their own scented candles, and some people respond to their own handmade DIY scented candles do not buy so fragrant, so why do not the homemade scented candles smell good?

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  Scented candles are scented by adding fragrance or essential oils into the melted wax solution to complete, if the production of the fragrance is not enough, there may be several main reasons for the following.

  1, the choice is a light fragrance of plant essential oils, natural plant essential oils to do the scent of the aromatherapy candle itself will be lighter, if you like to taste a little stronger, you can consider buying candles with essential oils.

  2, add the proportion of essential oils is not enough, the general proportion of essential oils to be in about 5% to be more obvious, but do not add too much, do not exceed 10%.

  3, the timing of adding essential oils is not right, after the candle melting, add essential oils to cool to below 70 ℃ before adding, because many essential oils are not resistant to high temperatures, heat is easy to decompose, the fragrance will also be affected.

  4, the evaporation speed of essential oils and the human sensory organs of the successive sensitivity differences, the same essential oil successive scent is also different.

  These are the reasons why homemade scented candles do not smell good, pay attention to adjust the right ratio, choose the right fragrance or essential oil on it.

  Second, diy aromatherapy candles can add perfume

  Handmade diy homemade scented candles, generally when the candle melts add essential oils or daily fragrances, some friends raised, can you add perfume homemade scented candles, in fact, homemade scented candles can not add perfume.

  Although the perfume also has a fragrance, but and essential oils, fragrance is different, perfume added to the wax oil, because the water and oil will not dissolve and lead to the fragrance in the perfume can not come out, if the perfume homemade scented candles, then the candles made and ordinary candles are no different.



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