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Wholesale laundry detergent and body soap detergent fragrance

Product scope of application.

  ◆Special fragrance for laundry detergent, laundry detergent.

  ◆Special fragrance for hand soap, detergent, washing detergent.

  ◆Special fragrance for detergent.

  ◆Special fragrance for air freshener series.

  ◆Special fragrance for shampoo and shower gel series.

  ◆Special fragrance for paper towel fragrance.

  ◆Ointment for creams, cosmetics and beauty products.

  ◆Flower dew fragrance.

  ◆Special flavor for toothpaste.

  ◆Special fragrance for Buddha incense and mosquito incense.

  ◆Special fragrance for craft candle series.

  ◆Special fragrance for soap and laundry soap series.

  ◆Special water-based flavor, oil-based flavor.

  ◆special fragrance for paint, coating, solvent, etc.

  Aroma performance: good

  Effect after burning: good

  Fragrance retention when wet: good

  Color change reaction: no

  Dry fragrance: good

  Supply fragrance type: floral, fruity, compound, woody, fantasy, clear fragrance

  Execution standard:MSDS

  Packing specification: 5KG 25KG 30KG 50KG

  Shelf life: 36 months

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