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The difference between aromatherapy and fragrance

Fragrance mainly : First, the quality of the product is not up to scratch. Many perfumes on the market are chemical synthetic preparations, and their volatiles do not play a role in the maintenance of the human body, and even some products are more harmful to the human body.

  Second, the traditional perfume for the car odor only play a role in covering up the role of a taste to cover up another odor (such as toluene, formaldehyde, and other harmful gases in new cars) and not fundamentally solve the various types of odor inside the car, not to mention solving the various problems that arise in the human body.

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  Third, people's aesthetic concepts are becoming more and more personalized, while the phenomenon of returning to the basics is more common, the traditional perfume occupies the space of the car dashboard, affecting the feeling of driving.

  Fragrance mainly: First, the raw materials are pure natural plants, flowers, roots, no chemical ingredients and synthetic chemicals.

  Second, the production of complex, purification, extraction type art complex, and the cost is very high. It is because the refining of pure essential oil requires a large number of plants, it is said that every 300 roses to extract into a drop of rose essential oil, seventy lemons can refine a pound of lemon essence.

  Third, because of the rarity of raw materials, the process is complex, so the price is expensive, the cost is many times the fragrance.

  Fourth, the efficacy of the two is also a world of difference. Aromatherapy has health care, physical therapy, so the health of the human body, the treatment of certain diseases is the role of fragrance can not be compared, and fragrance long-term human respiratory system is harmful, the simplest such as an obvious increase in the phenomenon of motion sickness and other drivers.



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